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World Video Game Hall of Fame Announces 2018 Finalists

| Mar 28
The World Video Game Hall of Fame has named 12 finalists for the class of 2018, including "Ms. Pac-Man" and "John Madden Football."

'Ready Player One' Takes Spielberg Back and to the Future

| By Lindsey Bahr | Mar 27
The sci-fi spectacle with a reported $175 million production budget presents a near-future vision of a dystopian society that has all but abandoned the real world for an escapist virtual reality existence.

PopUps: Fans Freak Out Over Nintendo's Pic of Luigi and His Bulge

| Mar 16
Nintendo fans are collectively freaking out over a new photo of Luigi and his large bulge.

Trump Discusses Violence with Video Game Execs and Critics

| By Catherine Lucey | Mar 10
President Donald Trump raised concerns about the graphic depiction of violence in video games at a White House meeting Thursday with members of the industry and some of their most vocal critics.

Trump Reopens A Seemingly Settled Video-Game Debate

| By Mae Anderson | Mar 10
President Donald Trump is reviving an old debate over whether violent video games can trigger violent behavior. There's just one problem: Roughly two decades of research has repeatedly failed to uncover any such link.

Trump to Meet with Video Game Industry Representatives

| Mar 8
President Donald Trump plans to meet with video game industry representatives as he considers responses to gun violence after the Florida school shooting that killed 17 people.

Holidaying Frog Game Finds Fans Among China's Harried Youth

| By Shanshan Wang | Feb 15
Wang Zhuyin studies 10 hours a day preparing for a series of tests to obtain a U.S. physician's license. But like millions of young Chinese adults, the 26-year-old has found a new way to cope with the pressure: An online game about a frog.

Mario and Minions? Illumination to Co-Produce Nintendo Film

| By Yuri Kageyama | Feb 1
Mario is getting together with the Minions.

Did Online Gaming Dispute Spark 'Swatting,' Shooting of Innocent Man in Kansas?

| By Heather Hollingsworth and Jim Salter | Jan 3
Police and the FBI are investigating whether an argument over an online game prompted a hoax call that led to a house where an officer shot and killed a Kansas man who apparently wasn't involved in the dispute.

Tilt! Old-School Pinball Is No Longer Old-School

| By Carrie Antlfinger | Dec 27
The old-school arcade game of pinball is resurging in popularity. Interest has skyrocketed over the last decade or so, with the number of players and competitions growing worldwide

16 thru 25 of 421 Stories