Armie Hammer Moves Out in Dead of Night, Leaves Bound Mannequin in Trash

Tuesday March 2, 2021

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer  (Source:Instagram)

Page Six is reporting that Armie Hammer, whose career is in a tailspin after revelations about his personal life has emerged in recent weeks, moved out of the Beverly Hills house he shared with his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers over the weekend. And he did so "under the cover of night," a source told the newspaper.

"But it's less what 'trucks and a gaggle of movers ... working well after midnight and lit only by flashlights' took and more what they left that's drawing eyes to the property today. To wit: what appears to be a female mannequin torso stuffed in the trash."

A closer inspection revealed that the "mannequin appears to be bound in some sort of decorative manner ..."

Page Six points out Hammer previously followed an Instagram account about "shibari," a form of Japanese rope bondage.

The couple's seven-bedroom, six-bath property went on the market last September for $5.8 million after Hammer and Chambers, 38, announced their split. A month later, they reduced the price to $5.3 million and then decreased it again in December.

"Neighbors didn't see the actor himself on the premises of the gated mansion, however, one said, 'Trucks and a gaggle of movers descended on the property, working well after midnight and lit only by flashlights,'" reported Vanity Fair. "They continued, 'We like to keep drama to the minimum in the neighborhood, but it was already weird that the house sat on the market for months while other houses around here sold like hotcakes.'"

In recent months Hammer's social media scandals has caused him to drop out of numerous projects, including as series on the making of "The Godfather" and the Jennifer Lopez action-comedy "Shotgun Wedding." He was also dropped by his agency WME, as well as his personal publicist, VF added.

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