What Happened to Madonna's Face? Plastic Surgeons Weigh In

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday February 7, 2023

What Happened to Madonna's Face? Plastic Surgeons Weigh In
  (Source:Instagram | Madonna)

When Madonna took the stage at the Grammy Awards Sunday night, she revealed yet another new face to the world, this one drawing reactions of fright, sadness, and — of course — a treasure trove of memes.

While we do not condone the vitriol that Madonna has faced over what appears to be cosmetic surgery gone too far, it's fair to wonder about what procedures the Queen of Pop might have had. When it comes to plastic surgery, we believe that people should do what makes them feel confident and happy. Or, as Cher once said, "If I want to put my tits on my back, it's nobody's business but my own."

But what caused Madonna's face to look so unrecognizable? The Daily Mail spoke to some plastic surgeons to try to get to the bottom of things.

According to Dr. Michael Horn, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Chicago, he believes Madge has had both a facelift and a nose job. "Last night's appearance at the Grammy's showed the most different-looking version of Madonna we have seen," he said. "She has undergone a facelift. This is obvious because her skin is tight and pulled back with no wrinkles. Her eyes also seem smaller, likely due to being pulled during a facelift. Madonna previously had a natural nose that suited her face. It appears as if she had rhinoplasty since this version has a pointy tip and seems too narrow."

Dr. Horn also thinks that she's had a healthy dose of Botox all over her face and has used excessive filler over time, giving her face a full appearance and completely changing the shape of her face. He also points to Madonna's eyebrows and hairline, both of which have noticeably changed, suggesting that a brow lift might be the culprit, as well as filler injected into her temples.

According to double-board certified plastic surgeon Jennifer Levine, she agrees with Dr. Horn's assessment. "Madonna's face appears unnaturally tight and full," she said. "Her lateral brow is also elevated. It is possible that this is [the result of] a new surgical procedure on her face and brow. There is a sweep of her lateral face, and her neck is not the same as her face. There is [also] volume replacement to her lips and whole face, including temples, chin, cheeks, and jawline — which may be from either filler or fat grafting. Her face is devoid of any wrinkles, indicating neuromodulators as well as possibly laser resurfacing. She has a glow to her skin possibly from PRP injections or other biostumulatory fillers."

Regardless of what Madonna may or may not have done to her face, one thing is certain: We are counting down the days to her summer Celebration Tour.