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EVO3 Launches New CBD Olive Oil, Direct from Greece

by Kelsy Chauvin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday October 29, 2020

EVO3 Launches New CBD Olive Oil, Direct from Greece
  (Source:EVO3 CBD Oils)

The health benefits of CBD, blended with the pure flavor of organic, extra virgin Greek olive oil. It's not too good to be true: It's on the way to your pantry.

EVO3 Oils, maker of proven-quality CBD oils and topicals, is rolling out its newest product, and it's sure to make foodies swoon.

EVO3 CBD-Infused Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, now available for pre-order, is the first product of its kind from Greece's family-run EVO3 label.

Greek Origins
The EVO3 story began more than a half-century ago on the island of Lesvos when father and farmer Ioannis Kamatsos began making olive oil during World War II. His son followed in the family tradition, and today his grandson, Stratis Camatsos, runs EVO3 Olive Oil.

The brand uses traditional olive-tree farming to make its fine oils, which are cultivated free of chemicals and pesticides. Using only organic fertilizers and natural farming methods, EVO3 grows a trio of olive types — Kolovi, the Adramatiani, and the Lathoelia — each harvested when the fruit is most flavorful. The olives are cold-pressed, and the resulting oil remains unrefined with less than one percent oleic acid, which allows the oil to be labeled as "extra virgin." It's this exceptional process and product that has earned EVO3 many global taste awards.

EVO3 shares its success with a devotion to social responsibility. Among the international environmental and social causes it supports, the company helps fund tree-planting in deforested regions of Africa, partners with the American Association for Cancer Research to promote healthful eating, and helps educate and empower women by working with Lesvos's Women's Coop of Parakila.

CBD Evolution
In 2019, EVO3 burst onto the scene as a gamechanger in the U.S.'s emerging CBD industry. The CBD sister brand stands out for its proprietary formulas, meticulous seed to bottle product oversight, plus its in-house Master Cannibinologer, Cristina Madruga, who ensures organic farming and measurable CBD quantities.

Explaining the production, Madruga says that EVO3's extra-virgin organic olive oil ships from Lesvos, Greece direct to its warehouse in Arkansas.

"There we blend in the CBD, then bottle the resulting CBD-infused olive oil," she says. "We use the same CBD that goes into our tinctures. The final product is THC-free, so everyone can feel safe using it. The olive oil itself is very rich in nutrients, so we've maintained the integrity of the product by blending pure CBD," she says.

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For the initial product launch, Madruga says EVO3 will sell 375-milliliter bottles with 420 mg of CBD (1 tablespoon of olive oil provides 17 mg of CBD) and instructs that the product is best used as a finishing oil.

"You don't want to cook with it, because if you stir it into a hot pan to fry with it, you risk burning the cannabinoids and losing their benefits," says Madruga. Instead, she suggests topping off a salad, roasted fish, and vegetables with the golden oil, which tastes slightly fruity and delicately piquant.

Madruga says the new EVO3 CBD-Infused Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil will enhance the benefits of those already enjoying the benefits of CBD.

"Our newest product is a terrific addition to our CBD product line," says Madruga, "and offers something unique for consumers who want to integrate the benefits of CBD and organic, extra virgin Greek olive oil into their healthy eating habits."

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