Frayed or Fab? 'Rupaul's Drag Race Fashion Recap, Episode 4

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday January 24, 2021

Frayed or Fab? 'Rupaul's Drag Race Fashion Recap, Episode 4
  (Source:Video Still: 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' VH1)

"We are disrupting the marketplace," said RuPaul on the latest Drag Race episode when he tested the queen's chops in an acting challenge reminiscent of cheesy Hallmark Channel holiday movies. While we doubt the "RuPaulmark Channel" will be bumping OWN or the newly launched Magnolia Network off your cable subscription package, it was a first glimpse at which contestants could string a few sentences together without going off the rails.

We'll see what the future challenges bring, but for week four, we're revisiting the final runway challenge: "Trains... for Days."

Denali paid homage to her Mexican heritage and the Quetzel bird, with a feathery train in yellow, blue and green ostrich feathers with a mohawk to match, leaving the judges in a flutter. Verdict: FAB

Olivia Lux scrolled back the hands of time to deliver a loosely inspired Roccoco train, with Michelle Visage saying, "She put the 'ass' in classical.'" Verdict: FAB

Wearing a white lace bodysuit with a high-volume, ruffled train, Elliott with Two Ts was most proud of her "Glenn Close mixed with Meryl Streep fantasy hair." Verdict: FRAYED

"I am the East Asian mother of dragons," said Kahmora Hall of her stunning, slithery, gold gown, with ruby-eyed golden dragon shoulder details. Let's just say she didn't "scale" back. Verdict: FAB

"It is unapologetic and that is very Symone," said the drag queen of her do-rag train that referenced Black culture. An oversized jumpsuit with an embellished hem and revealing corset sealed the deal. Verdict: FAB

LaLa Ri's snakeskin ensemble included not one train but two in a solitary fabric choice that lacked enough venom to paralyze the judges. Verdict: FRAYED

Utica turned to designer Bob Mackie for inspiration, essentially copying his creation for Carol Burnett's iconic "Gone with the Wind" sketch, then added a train. We've seen it before, and the look didn't open the curtain with any innovative interpretation. Verdict: FRAYED

Rosé sported a marine blue tuxedo, wide white satin lapels, and a similar ruffled sleeve accent as last week. While she had the confidence to pull it off, the train seemed like an afterthought. Verdict: FRAYED

"Hold on, I think we're about to get blown," said Ross Matthews when Gottmik arrived with a bedazzled leaf blower to create her own wind. The chiffon outfit in colors of the transgender flag was actually an alternate look to the one originally planned, proving that Gottmik as plenty more up her sleeve. Verdict: FAB

Tina Burner took "train" literally, creating a "campture" train conductor ensemble. While she'd like to send the other contestants to the caboose, only time will tell if her costumey style will keep the judges entertained. Verdict: FAB

Are trains the latest fetish? Joey Jay stuck a tongue out to the judges — literally. The hand-painted and -sewn tongue train (with piercing) completed the S&M fantasy. Verdict: FAB

All of Kandy Muse's confidence couldn't save the blood-red and leather train wreck that walked the runway. Ill-fitting with an off-the-shelf wig to match, we think Kandy Muse's taste level may have left the station. Verdict: FRAYED

A vision in bubble gum pink, Tamisha Iman is quickly becoming known as Season 13's den mother, here wearing a color that she says "represents kindness and love." But is it enough to keep her in the competition? Verdict: FAB

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