Watch: Twitter Drags RuPaul During VP Debate Over Fracking Comments

Thursday October 8, 2020

RuPaul  (Source:AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

During the vice presidential debate, the subject of fracking came up where current Vice President Mike Pence said a Joe Biden administration would ban fracking, thus cutting jobs. But Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Biden is not looking to ban the practice, which environmentalists say contributes to air and water pollution.

For some viewers, the word "fracking" has become synonyms with RuPaul, who seemingly admitted to fracking on the Wyoming ranch he shares with his husband. A recent report shed a bit of light on the situation, however, claiming that some citizens cannot refuse companies or the government from fracking on their property unless they want to face a legal battle.

Nevertheless, Twitter was quick to drag RuPaul yet again after fracking was mentioned during the debate Wednesday night. Check out some of the reactions below along with a clip from the debate where fracking was discussed.

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