DC Comics Introduces Non-Binary Superhero 'Kid Quick'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday November 23, 2020

DC Comics Introduces Non-Binary Superhero 'Kid Quick'
  (Source:DC Nation / Twitter)

DC Comics has announced a new non-binary superhero, Kid Quick, who will use "they/them" pronouns and become the new Flash in the forthcoming comic book title "Future State: Justice League," reports UK newspaper the Daily Mail.

Before taking on their role in next year's "Future State"miniseries, the hypersonic speedster is set to arrive in time for a holiday season introduction to readers. Notes the Daily Mail: " 'Kid Quick' will debut next month as part of an 'alternate-universe' version" of popular characters the Teen Titans in "DC's Merry Multiverse," which the Daily Mail described as "a holiday-themed comic book anthology."

NBC News offered more detail, reporting that the plan is for Kid Quick to "get a major promotion and take on the mantle of the Flash during the 'Future State' storyline coming to DC comic books in January and February."

Deadline recalled that "The Flash has been around in comics since 1939 in various incarnations that include multiple Earths and personas. It became a popular TV show on The CW in 2014."

The character's creators wanted a new take on the iconic "Flash," noted NBC News. Ivan Cohen, who is writing the forthcoming comic, told NBC, "I thought about how 'Kid' can really be any gender."

Added Cohen: "There are all these choices we can make — why don't we do something besides what we would have made up if it was 1965?"

Kid Quick won't be the first non-binary hero in comics, or even in the DC pantheon, noted Deadline; the new hero "joins 'Suicide Squad' character The Aerie, a non-binary antihero, and Marvel Comics' two non-binary characters, 'Snowflake' and 'Safespace.' "

Spencer Harvey of GLAAD told NBC News that Kid Quick would "reach new audiences that may not normally be exposed to these identities, which has a profound impact on accelerating acceptance and understanding."

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