Women Occupy Most Same-Sex Households, Except in Cities

Associated Press

Thursday September 19, 2019

Female couples make up more than half of all same-sex households in the United States, but male couples dominate in cities with large gay populations.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported Wednesday that the U.S. had almost 1 million same sex households in 2017, with female couples making up almost 52 percent of those households. The findings emerged in the bureau's American Community Survey.

Male couples dominated in cities with the largest gay populations, but the rate varied depending on the city. In San Francisco, more than three-quarters of same-sex couples were male; in Phoenix, more than half were male.

Almost 60% of couples in same-sex households are married, up from 26.6% in 2008.

Same-sex households make up only a portion of the LGBT community.

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