DC's Legends Of Tomorrow - The Complete First Season

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday August 25, 2016

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow - The Complete First Season

Inevitably it was only a matter of time before the comic-book-based action series "Arrow" and its spin-off "The Flash" created a third new show. Arguably some fans would say that "Supergirl" was the answer to those two series' winning success, the perfect companion piece, but it's not! The third proper show to expand on the DC Comics television universe is perhaps the most ambitious of the three. If you don't believe that statement, catch up on "DC's Legends Of Tomorrow" The Complete First Season available now on Blu-ray and decide for yourself.

How is "Legends" the most ambitious of the three currently running Greg Berlanti Productions? It's a team-show, a set-up if you will, of a potential "Justice League" in primetime. Brought together by the time-traveling Rip Hunter played by "Doctor Who" favorite Arthur Darvill this ragtag band of characters is brought together to prevent the evil immortal might of Vandal Savage from bringing about an apocalyptic future. They may be heroes today, but tomorrow they'll be legends!

Some of these heroes may be familiar to some. Many were introduced on the previous DC Comics shows including Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and White Canary (Caity Lotz). Both of these characters were thought to have died but now have an opportunity to seek redemption, and assist Rip Hunter in his quest to destroy Savage. The only one among them who can kill the immortal is the reincarnated Hawkgirl Broadway actress Ciara Renée, who was first introduced on "The Flash".

The Blu-ray bonus features are a true feast for the fans and include the cast's introduction at San Diego Comic-Con and a special on-set visit of the series' very special time-tripping "Waverider." One particular featurette takes the audience behind-the-scenes of the Old West adventure that introduces the classic law-man Jonah Hex to the Legends of Tomorrow continuity. Check out the exclusive gag reel and with "History in the Making" examine the past/present/future of the show.

"DC's Legends Of Tomorrow" The Complete First Season arrives just in time to get you all caught up before the upcoming new season this fall which picks up right where the cliffhanging finale left off and comes out swinging! Already a marvel, "Legends" is cinematic! Expect plenty of incredible cameo appearances from all sides of the DC Comics world and other unexpected surprises! All 16 Season One episodes are collected on two Blu-ray discs in full high definition and DTS-HD sound!

"DC's Legends Of Tomorrow" - The Complete First Season

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