DC Fully Unveils First Pride Month Initiative

by Brendan Walker

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday May 7, 2021

The cover art of the DC Pride issue
The cover art of the DC Pride issue  (Source:DC Comics)

DC Comics is fully embracing pride month, with the full reveal of their long awaited DC Pride #1 oneshot issue in addition to a variety of pride themed covers according to ComicBook.com.

The initiative has drawn wide amounts of attention for its representation of an often underserved community in comics, with its portrayal of the LGBTQ characters.

In order to generate interest in their pride themed material, DC unveiled a variety of stills from DC Pride #1, in addition to Jen Bartel's cover for Batman #109.

DC Pride #1, an 80 page anthology comic, features appearances from a variety of LGBTQ characters from across the DC universe. Characters featured include the following: Batwoman, Renee Montoya, Alan Scott, Midnighter, Apollo, Extraño, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Constantine, and others.

Additionally, the issue will also have the first canonical comic appearance of Supergirl's transgender superhero Nia Nal/Dreamer, in a story co-written by actress Nicole Maines.

The DC Pride anthology additionally has a forward by Marc Andreyko, single-page pin-ups by artists Sophie Campbell, Mildred Louis, Nick Robles, Kris Anka, Travis Moore, and Kevin Wada, and. The cover was drawn by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Tamra Bonvillain.

The publisher will also have pride variant covers featuring its most popular characters available throughout the month of June.

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