Around the Web — Straight Guys Reveal Their Gayest Experiences on Reddit

Saturday February 13, 2021
Originally published on February 13, 2021

Around the Web — Straight Guys Reveal Their Gayest Experiences on Reddit
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With the emergence of different identities and the lessening of stigmas involving same-sex intimacy, sexuality is becoming more and more fluid. So much so that straight guys are more willing to discuss their gay experiences, be it flirtation, cuddling, spooning, kissing or full-out same sex sex. One forum where they are posting these experiences is on a Reddit stream, which asks the question: "Straight males of reddit, what's the gayest thing you've ever done?"

Here are some of the posts. Follow this link to read more.

"I got a boner while reading some of these comments. That's pretty gay," wrote user grousemaster12, imploring others not to contact him because he doesn't want to be changed.

Flame5135 shared this experience: "Was a medic in the army. First day at my unit, a guy walked in, whipped his dick out, and asked if it looked infected to me. We've been best friends ever since and my son's named after him." To which user dangp777 asked, "You named your son 'Gonorrhoea'?"

LoonyGoblin01 wrote, "I have a friend who is bisexual, sometimes he jokes about eating my ass and sometimes I joke about it as well. At times I think he really does want to eat my ass." User AmyTennant assured him: "As a bisexual I can confirm we do not joke about the matters of ass eating."

British user bigangrybrit wrote: "British military - mid nineties...imagine five drunk hairy assed sailors dressed as Spice Girls with huge balloon boobs, pub crawling around a quaint little English village. No underwear under the mini skirts and offering a free look at the goods for anyone stupid enough to look at them." "I imagine you were all Scary Spice," replied Alaska_85.

Sometimes playing gay has its dividends, as TheRealTravisClous points out: "Gay bars are the biggest confidence boost a guy can have, I got free whiskey sours from the bartender because he thought I was cute even though my gay friend who I went with told him I wasn't gay. He didn't care and still flirted with me by giving me free drinks and calling me handsome which doesn't bother me in the slightest, I saved a bunch of money"

gingy-96 shared this story: "Me and the boys once took turns taking a 10 minute icebath at a hotel, then measuring who had the smallest peen by the end of their icebath, the smallest person won"

Phenoix512's experience was right out of some gender-switch rom-com: "Had a crush on a guy back in high school or so I thought turned out the guy was a girl hiding in a hoodie with a buzz cut. I was seriously questioning my sexuality until I found out."

Popular-Uprising made a cultural reference: "I once watched 300...," before telling how he faked being gay in an uncomfortable social situation: "Seriously though, I once held hands with a gay male friend at a party because he was ridiculously handsome and he wanted to discourage a stalker girl who wouldn't take no for an answer." To which Triton_64 responded: "Thats homiesexual not homosexual"

Musabi remembered how he was punk'd by a friend and went with it. "I (straight) was out for a gay friends birthday party and unbeknownst to me he put my name in for the 'best ass' competition that was going on in about an hour. Hear my name called and since I'm a few drinks deep I said fuck it. Ended up on stage in just my boxer briefs in front of a crowd of gay men yelling at me with a guy in drag officiating. Got second place and won $100 bucks!"

And there is this housewarming party right out of a Falcon video by straight user Bright-Head: "I recently bought a house with my mate, and we had a small house warming with just one other mate. We were drinking a lot and at about 3am my mate disappeared for a 10 mins and came back and out of nowhere said: "The bath is ready boys" So naturally we then all hastened to get naked and we shared a bottle of champagne in the bath to celebrate our new house. It was a great way to end the evening."

Or this one from Mapleleafguy83, who has boundaries. "Probably when I watched porn with my best bud and we jerked off together. Then he wanted to touch my dick and me to touch his. Ok sure whatever. Then he asked me to suck his dick. I politely declined. Everyone thought we were a gay couple, including him I guess. He was the first of two gay best friends I had, and I was naked in front of both of them. I, unfortunately for them, am 100% straight lol."

User legagneur puts it best: "As a gay man, I'm just gonna say: Some of you straight men are just fascinating creatures."

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