Watch: Model, YouTuber Mario Adrion Talks 'Idol,' His Gay Bromance & Luke Bryan's Package

Sunday March 7, 2021
Originally published on February 23, 2021

Mario Adrion
Mario Adrion  (Source:Instagram / @marioadrion)

Model and YouTuber Mario Adrion made quite a splash when he auditioned for "American Idol" on the new season's February 14 debut episode when he appeared in a Speedo and sang an original song about himself. While his vocal didn't impress the judges, his cocky charm did and his interplay with the judges was priceless, including him telling judge Luke Bryan he'd look great in a Speedo.

The next day Adrion posted a meta-critique of his "Idol" appearance in a video he calls "Mario Reacts."

"In this video, I want to sit down and watch it one more time and give you my live time reaction and reveal... you're going to see the whole thing," he explains. "I am not talking about my penis. I am talking about the whole audition of 'American Idol.' You're going to see it."

Then he teased, "Maybe at the end of this video you're going to see my penis."

Adrion explained that the audition took place in Ohio and was completely improvised. He had never met Katy Perry or the other judges before, and they reacted with skeptical looks when he appeared in his red and white striped Speedo.

"I also saw [judge] Luke Bryan checking out my frontal area a couple of times. I couldn't help but think that Luke had a little bit of a crush on me. I felt a lot of like seductive, flirtatious energy from him," he said.

As for his vocal performance he acknowledges, "I got to be honest, guys. The singing is rough," admitting that Autotune might have helped, which he used on his recent video "Brojob."

"So I prioritized loudness over beauty," he explained, "and I think I killed it," he added.

He said his favorite lyrics was: "I don't want to be objectified/Music gets me electrified," which he performed with a butt thrust. Then revealed the lyric beeped by ABC censors. "People think I only have a six-pack/Zero talent, just a really nice ball sack."

"Okay, it was 'me bad,' but I said 'ball sack,'" he said, before returning to his feeling that he connected with Bryant. "And Luke Bryan freakin' loved the 'ball sack' line, which confirms what I said before about the flirtatious energy and the sexual chemistry I felt between us. It gives you like 'Brokeback Mountain' vibes for sure."

His favorite part was the "pec-bouncing," in which he flexed his chest muscles.

"I know my singing was not great, but when I started pec-bouncing I felt the energy in the room shift. I think this is one of the best pec-bouncings performances I ever had," citing what he called the "Norwegian Double Bounce" at the end as his audition's high point. "I know my mom is going to be proud of me for this performance."

He proceeded to complemented Bryan by saying he would look great in a Speedo, to which the country star responded: "I think I am lacking a little bit in the frontal area."

"I love that he admitted he had a little bit of a micro-penis, because especially for men it is important to speak up about your vulnerabilities about the things you are insecure about. I have always been a big proponent and supporter of the Five Inches Is Enough movement," he added.

He went on to address those making snap judgements based on people's appearances and prejudices. "Message to you, kids: always get to know the real person before you judge people for what they do or how they look. How wholesome! I love how my videos are a mix between dick jokes and inspirational moments."

Perry asked Adrion for a catwalk challenge, which he performed with the three judges. "People can say what they want about my singing but the catwalk was on fire. And who knows, after this Versace is going to call again and book me. I don't know if this is a good idea because whenever I have to do fashion jobs I have to do like all the waiting, all the casting, all the dieting, all the dick-sucking. I don't know. I am getting old, bro."

While the judges comments were dismissive, he took hope in Perry comparing him to looking like Harry Styles because "he's cute, and he is also redefining masculinity by wearing a dress on Vogue. I want to do the same thing by wearing Speedos in America. I'm redefining masculinity, gender roles. A lot of Americans think you have to be gay to wear a Speedo. I think we should all express ourselves regardless of our sexuality."

But just who is Adrion? Aside from the fact he is a model who wishes to be a singer, little could be learned from his "AI" appearance. It turns out that the 27-year old comes from "from a small town in Germany called the Black Forest," he told the website VoyageLA in a December 2020 interview.

He had always thought he'd be a comic. "I have always been fascinated by comedians and the world of standup and more creative ways of self-expression. But I did very well in school and there was a given path I needed to follow in order to please people around me."

Instead a modeling opportunity came his way when at 18 he was recruited by a modeling scout on Facebook to appear at an event at New York City's Fashion Week. "I had never been there, didn't know anybody in New York and had no money. But I still went out of an impulse and got into modeling that way," he said.

But he moved on from modeling because it was "very one-dimensional" and that he experienced "a lot of sexual harassment." He took acting classes and began posting short videos to YouTube chronicling his journey.

This has led to Adrion's full-time career as a YouTube personality. "It now is my full-time job to make YouTube videos and ironically, I'm not getting into standup which has been the dream that I had as a child anyway. Now I'm living life always following my impulse instead of pleasing what others expect me to do."

Asked if he had any difficulties in his career, he said his "main struggle has been trying to make everyone happy." But after certain casting agents and photographers asked him for sexual favors, he said, "But I learned that it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everybody."

His YouTube videos also follow his relationship with his two buds, Travis Bryant and Jeff Kasser, with whom he has shared a flirtatious relationship that he chronicles. "I have a bromance with my best friend Travis Bryant which is a very close relationship between a gay and a straight man. I love to question the norm we have established and to be redefining what love can mean."

For more on Mario Adrion, visit his website with links to his social media accounts.

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