'I Am Openly Gay' Writes Rugby Pro Devin Ibañez in Empowering Tweet

Friday January 8, 2021

Ending a year marked by numerous sports personalities coming out, professional rugby player Devin Ibañez came out with an empowering message and the sweetest pic.

In a report on Outsports, Ibañez, who played with the New England Free Jacks in 2019, announced he is gay on social media.

Along with his heartfelt text, he posted pics of himself and his boyfriend Fergus Wade, "an English medical student he met in 2017 while Wade was doing research at Harvard studying sleep deprivation in fruit flies," writes Outsports.

Ibañez, who labeled himself a "rugby maniac" when he was captain of his team at the University of Massachusetts, used both Facebook and Instagram to tell the world, "I am openly gay. This is something that is not a secret to those close to me and even several people not close to me. But I always felt a need to keep it separate from my rugby career. I always came up with a reason why being more vocal would be a distraction, detrimental, or unnecessary. I told myself that if I achieved a certain level of success that I would use that platform to show proudly who I was in hopes of inspiring others to be true to themselves."

"Ibañez hopes to become a role model for other LGBTQ rugby players who are struggling with reconciling their sexuality with their sport and realizes he now has a platform," adds Outsports.

"I am extremely lucky to live in a very accepting place in Boston," he told Outsports. "And to have an amazingly supportive family. So in many ways I've had it very easy, but it was still a long and difficult process. But I can say I am definitely one of the lucky ones, so if I couldn't get myself to take that step for this long with all of the support I had I can't imagine how difficult it is for those who don't have those support systems."