Sussex Gay Couple Falsely Accused by Vigilante Pedophile Sting

by Sam Cronin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday November 8, 2019

Jordan and Ben, a couple from West Sussex, England, were falsely accused of pedophilia by a vigilante group known as the Yorkshire Child Protectors (YCP). After the ordeal, they claimed their lives were ruined.

YCP live-streamed their false arrest in Hull by police to around 30,000 people online, according to Yahoo News.

The group apparently set up a decoy profile to attempt to snare pedophiles, and when the police showed up to arrest the couple, that decoy account was still receiving messages, even after police seized the phones of Jordan and Ben. YCP uttered homophobic slurs and abuse at the couple while filming the sting.

YCP has since apologized to Jordan and Ben, blaming their mistake on faulty intelligence received from another vigilante group.

"The groups involved didn't do enough to say sorry and clear our names," one of the men said according to Yahoo. "These groups cannot be allowed to continue with their renegade ways."

Dan Vajzovic, of the National Police Chiefs' Council, earlier this week told Yahoo of the negative consequences he perceives from the operation of these vigilante groups. "Some of those prosecutions may have diverted police resources from more significant offenders... Overall the activity of these groups is not positive."

Humberside Police spoke on vigilante groups to Yahoo News UK, saying: "These 'stings' posted online impact on the work we already do, divert us from the core business of our specialist officers and can impede on our own investigations."

Ben told The Daily Mail Online: "That video was viewed by more than 30,000 people - 30,000 people aren't going to see their apology," he said. "We are disgusted by the whole thing. Our lives have changed — we are scared."

In response, YCP posted a statement online Tuesday reading: "We at YCP take responsibility for our part played in these innocent men being arrested but we won't be taking all the blame. We are heartbroken for these two men and I will personally be sending them a message with a sorry that we messed up on our part. We will also offer any help to undo this mess that's happened."

'The whole thing has been pretty traumatic and our lives will never be the same,' Ben said to the Daily Mail. 'We understand why they do what they do but it's not for them to do, it's up to trained police officers. Jordan is so upset about the whole thing it really has affected him badly."

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