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Watch: Adam Rippon Chats with Andy Cohen About His 'Type,' Pence & Meeting Shawn Mendes

Wednesday Mar 7, 2018
Adam Rippon on "Watch What Happens Live!"
Adam Rippon on "Watch What Happens Live!"  (Source:YouTube Still)

Adam Rippon stopped by "Watch What Happens Live!" to chat with Andy Cohen Tuesday where the out Olympic figure skater talked about having celebrity fans, his "type" and what it was like meeting pop singer Shawn Mendes.

When Cohen asked about his celebrity fans, which include Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon, Rippon said he's "Not one to get starstruck," and that Cohen was his favorite celeb fan.

"What's your type?" Cohen later asks Rippon.

"My type is someone who goes to the gym and has a job," Rippon replied.

"Real Housewives" star Brandi Glanville, who recently appeared on "Celebrity Big Brother," added: "He needs a rough top."

"Why not?!" the athlete said.

Later in the show, a fan called in and asked Rippon what it was like to meet Mendes, who Rippon said last week was his celebrity crush. The skater met the "Stitches" singer during an Oscars afterparty Sunday night.

"And I have to ask, was [Shawn] into your harness?" the caller asked, referring to Rippon's much-talked-about Jeremy Scott leather harness he wore to the Oscars.

"He was super sweet, super nice," Rippon said. "He's really tall but he's super cute. How can anyone have anything bad to say about him? But also how could anyone have anything bad to say about my harness."

"The world is full of haters," Cohen said, then asking Rippon if he had any "meaningful interactions beyond that."

"We talked for 30 seconds but I kinda feel like we had a connection," Rippon responded with a wink.

During the "Watch What Happens Live!" after show, Rippon talked about rumors that former Olympic skater Johnny Weir was jealous of the attention Rippon got during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

"Maybe.... But you know what, I'm not coming for his job. I'm not coming for his gig," he said, adding that the two skaters didn't have any interactions.

"We've always reached out to each other and I've always thanked him because I've always felt like he made my way a little easier," he said.

Cohen asked if Rippon had aspirations to be an announcer.

"Not really. I want to do something else...I don't know I really love being here and drinking."

Later, another caller asked if Vice President Mike Pence has reached out to Rippon since the Olympics ended. The two sparred in the days leading up to the Winter Games, with Rippon being vocal about his issues with Pence's views on LGBTQ rights.

"Shockingly, they haven't," Rippon said.

"I understand why you didn't but I really wanted you to come face to face with him," Cohen said of Rippon meeting Pence at the Olympics. "I feel like anytime someone is so violently anti-gay comes in contact with someone who is gay... then it humanizes the person and the issue. If anyone could do some good maybe our boy Adam could and maybe this could be great for humanizing us."

"I would love to still meet with him if that were still on the table. I really would because I kinda feel like I can convince people..." Rippon said before Cohen urged the athlete to still go through with speaking with Pence.

"The only thing that could happen is say no... Say you want to have a secret meeting with him and go talk to him," Cohen added.

Watch all the clips with Rippon on "Watch What Happens Live!" below.

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