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Oklahoma Pulling Up Red Carpet Offered to Wind Industry

By Sean Murphy | Feb 13
Lawmakers have ended all the state incentives to the wind energy industry and now are considering a new production tax and even capping previously guaranteed incentives.

U.S. Solar Power Industry Braces for Tariffs

U.S. Solar Power Industry Braces for Tariffs

Jan 24
The US solar power industry says tariffs on solar panels from China under consideration by the Trump administration could lead to the loss of 88,000 of the industry's 260,000 jobs.

Winds of Worry: U.S. Fishermen Fear Forests of Power Turbines

By Philip Marcelo | Dec 27
East Coast fishermen are turning a wary eye toward an emerging upstart: The offshore wind industry.

Nebraska to Build Wind Farm to Power Facebook Data Center

Nov 20
Utility officials say a new wind farm being built in northeastern Nebraska will provide 200 megawatts of power to a planned Facebook data center.

No One Satisfied with New Vermont Wind Power Sound Rules

By Wilson Ring | Nov 14
An effort by Vermont utility regulators to settle the long-standing, contentious issue of how much noise neighbors of industrial wind projects should be subject to ended up upsetting both sides.

Solar Energy is Fastest Growing Source of Power

Oct 8
A report shows that solar energy was the fastest-growing source of power last year, accounting for almost two-thirds of net new capacity globally.

India's Wild Energy Trends Raise Doubts over Coal's Future

By Katy Daigle | Aug 11
Signs that the country's appetite for burning more coal may be close to sated would be welcome news, given fears of a looming escalation in climate-warming carbon emissions.

Renewable Sources of Electricity Outpace Nuclear Plants

By Michael Biesecker | Jul 9
For the first time in decades, the United States got more electricity from renewable sources than nuclear power in March and April.

Competition for Offshore Wind Ramps Up in Massachusetts

By Philip Marcelo | Jun 13
Massachusetts' bid to become the nation's leader in offshore wind power is ramping up.

U.S. Bucks Trend Amid Increases for Clean Energy Research

By Matthew Brown | Jun 11
India, France, Norway, Canada, Australia, Japan and others said during a private meeting of ministers earlier this week that they were on track to double government research budgets. The U.S. is taking a different tack.

1 thru 10 of 22 Stories