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On the Tab :: Jan. 18 - 25

Thursday Jan 18, 2018
Think pink and sidle up to the rink. It's time to party and have a drink; soft if preferred, for those on wheels. Enjoy these nightlife feels & deals!

Transmissions: Mothers against book reading

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | Wednesday Jan 17, 2018
One Million Moms is outraged. This, of course, is what One Million Moms does. Outrage is its business.

Now is the time to get a hep A shot

By by Gil F. Chavez | Wednesday Jan 17, 2018
The United States is currently experiencing the largest person-to-person hepatitis A outbreak, which is predominantly affecting people who are homeless or who use drugs in unsanitary conditions, in more than two decades.

Insider view

By David Lamble | Wednesday Jan 17, 2018
As I watched the Magnolia Pictures doc "The Final Year" (opening Friday), I marveled at how director Greg Barker sliced and diced a tumultuous period for President Barack Obama's foreign policy team.

Coming up 'Gypsy'

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Jan 17, 2018
The character of Mama Rose in "Gypsy" has been called the King Lear of musical theater, generally considered the greatest female role in musicals.

Getting unstuck after the AIDS crisis

By Richard Dodds | Wednesday Jan 17, 2018
Tim Pinckney had reached that pivotal point in a young actor's career: He was finally spending more time on stages than waiting on tables.

2018 Oscar picks

By David Lamble | Wednesday Jan 17, 2018
It's time once again to play that favorite LGBTQ parlor game: name this year's batch of Best Picture Academy Award nominations.

Haunted (or stalked?) by VertiGhost

By Sura Wood | Wednesday Jan 17, 2018
There may be no movie more closely identified with San Francisco than Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo," a labyrinthine tale of obsessive love and murder.


By David-Elijah Nahmod | Wednesday Jan 17, 2018
Tonight (Jan. 18) the GLBT Historical Society will explore how queer people have been portrayed on screen.

Questioning marriage equality

By Roberto Friedman | Wednesday Jan 17, 2018
In his cover story in the January issue of Harper's magazine entitled "The Future of Queer - a manifesto," queer essayist/novelist Fenton Johnson argues that legalized gay marriage in the US has damaged our gay culture.

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