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St Vincent. House of Blues/Boston. November 30, 2017

by Brian Schutter
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Dec 1, 2017
St. Vincent
St. Vincent  

Berklee College of Music dropout St. Vincent can be categorized under many different musical styles, such as pop, indie rock and electronic pop. And with five full-length albums, she has established a sound that fans know and love. A Grammy winner (for her self-titled 2014 album), she has been compared to David Bowie and collaborated with the likes of David Byrne and Bon Iver.

At her recent gig at Boston's House of Blues (promoting her newly released album titled "Masseduction"), she was certainly a sight to be seen. Watching her perform was like experiencing an art installation that morphed through different stages from song to song.

Her performance was separated into two distinct sets. Her first set was comprised all of her older material from her first four albums and her second set was a strict showcase of "Masseduction." The staging was unique: at the onset she sang from the front corner of the stage with a curtain behind her; then she proceeded to different microphones for each subsequent song. Each microphone was positioned just a little bit deeper onto the stage than the previous one, which forced the curtain open to reveal a little more of an empty stage. By the fifth song, "Cruel," it became apparent that St. Vincent was going it alone and this was a solo performance.

Normally I am not a fan of watching artist perform live without a band and just play over a track, but with St. Vincent I actually enjoyed it. It's never easy to put yourself out there alone, yet she managed to pull it off, especially showcasing her skills on the guitar. There were a couple of solos where Prince came to mind while she was rocking out.

Her second set, comprised of material from her new album, was very visually focused with large, strange visual displays that fueled the art installation feel. With relics from the 1980s (such as references to the Thigh Master and an old school corded phone), these videos were bizarre but enjoyable to watch. But it was also a little too cool and left me feeling a little confused (as I do with Andy Warhol.) Like I know it's cool and it looks cool, but maybe I'm not cool enough to "get it." Still watching St Vincent perform on her "Fear the Future" tour was definitely a sight to be seen and proves that she can do it on her own.

St. Vincent's "Fear the Future" tour continues through 2018. For upcoming dates, visit her website.


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