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Manhattan Murder Mystery

by Greg Vellante
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 13, 2018
Manhattan Murder Mystery

Woody Allen's 1993 comic caper "Manhattan Murder Mystery" has been released on a limited-edition Blu-ray from Twilight Time Movies, which has continually put out a new Allen film with each month's lineup of films. (To be fair, there are certainly plenty to choose from considering the writer/director has put out a new film every year since 1982.) The film began as an early draft for "Annie Hall" back in the '70s, but was shelved due to Allen's lack of enthusiasm for the material (he compared it to something you would read on an airplane, which is ironic considering this is an apt description for many of his contemporary efforts).

This whodunit was eventually released in 1993 after a series of production snafus -- the lead female role was originally written for Mia Farrow, but seeing as she and Allen were going through a divorce and child custody battle, the role was given to Diane Keaton instead. Thankfully, Allen and Keaton have always shared a plucky chemistry together, and their collaboration in "Manhattan Murder Mystery" is no exception.

Allen and Keaton star as a middle-aged married couple who become involved in a murder plot, which eventually pulls actors Alan Alda and Anjelica Huston in on the fun. These perilous proceedings are gorgeously captured by cinematographer Carlo Di Palma, while Manhattan once again serves as a character itself.

While the film can be tiring at times (Allen's films often suffer from viewer fatigue), it is certainly quite funny, entertaining and this is an excellent visual transfer. Bonus features on the Twilight Time Blu-ray include:

- Isolated Music & Effects Track
- Original Theatrical Trailer

"Manhattan Murder Mystery"


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