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The Shadow Man

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Nov 14, 2017
The Shadow Man

Filmmakers keep trying in vain to create the next iconic horror movie villain. But with a cliché movie title and an even more lukewarm story execution, "The Shadow Man" is not the movie that will be chosen.

Also known as "The Man in the Shadows," this new DVD has the theme of sleep paralysis as its main storyline, one that hasn't been examined much in horror movies before. Rachel (Sarah Jurgens) experiences sleep paralysis often, and when this occurs, she also has visions of a shadowy man that wears a fedora hat. But wait, folks, this really isn't a "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie.

Rachel does have a backstory: She's married to Scott (Nick Baillie) who, we learn through tons of exposition and elongated dialogue, has cheated recently on her. Rachel uses marijuana frequently to curb her ever-growing depression and anxiety. And having visions of an unknown shady figure only feeds into Rachel's nerves.

So why do the characters then sit around and opine about their sad situation so much? That's at the core of "The Shadow Man," and why the film is neither scary nor interesting. When "The Shadow Man" himself finally appears during the last confusing 10 minutes of the film, it's too little and too late. The filmmakers also leave the ending wide open for either a sequel and various interpretations, but my gut feeling is we'll never see this shadow man again.

There are two audio commentaries on the DVD, one featuring the writer and co-star Adam Tomlinson. He claims the movie was inspired by true events that happened to himself, an experience where he had sleep paralysis and envisioned a murky man. He also explains how the budget and shooting schedule was excised; this helps to explain why the film makes no sense and why characters just sit around talking endlessly. It's at least a quite interesting audio commentary.

Elsewhere on the special features section, there are four deleted scenes, but these are really just extended sequences of scenes that already appear in "The Shadow Man."

"The Shadow Man"

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