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How Many Variants of the Coronavirus Are There?

By Marion Renault | Jan 28, 2021

There are many circulating around the world, but health experts are primarily concerned with the emergence of three.

Explainer: Why It's Hard to Make Vaccines and Boost Supplies

By Lauren Neergaard | Jan 28, 2021

With demand for COVID-19 vaccines outpacing the world's supplies, a frustrated public and policymakers want to know: How can we get more? A lot more. Right away.

UK Chief Scientist Says New Virus Variant May be More Deadly

By Jill Lawless | Jan 22, 2021

There is some evidence that a new coronavirus variant first identified in southeast England carries a higher risk of death than the original strain.

A New COVID-19 Challenge: Mutations Rise Along with Cases

By Marilynn Marchione | Jan 19, 2021

The race against the virus that causes COVID-19 has taken a new turn: Mutations are rapidly popping up, and the longer it takes to vaccinate people, the more likely it is that a variant that can elude current tests, treatments and vaccines could emerge.

Research Shows Identical Twins Aren't Perfect Clones

By Christina Larson | Jan 12, 2021

If you're an identical twin who's always resisted being called a clone of your sibling, scientists say you have a point.

Harnessing Nature in Harmony CBD's Unique Botanical Blends

Harnessing Nature in Harmony CBD's Unique Botanical Blends


Harmony CBD combines South Carolina-grown hemp with organic herbs and essential oils to create a collection of topicals for daily skincare, muscle fatigue and more.

Eureka! Two Vaccines Work, But What About the Others in the Pharma Arms Race?

By Arthur Allen | Jan 5, 2021

If trials can't go forward, that could very well have an impact on the world's supply of covid vaccines and eventually on vaccine prices, especially if booster shots are needed in years to come.

Heading Off the Next Pandemic

By Jim Robbins | Jan 4, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic heads for a showdown with vaccines it's expected to lose, many experts in the field of emerging infectious diseases are already focused on preventing the next one.

What's So Important About CBD Lab Sheets?


All it takes is a little bit of research to see for yourself if your CBD manufacturer is selling you reliable products that are truthfully labeled.

Watch Out LA: Feds Calculate Riskiest, Safest Places in U.S.

By Seth Borenstein | Jan 3, 2021

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has calculated the risk for every county in America for 18 types of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanoes, and even tsunamis.

Ancient Graffiti Making Fun of Gay Sex Uncovered in Pompeii

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 1, 2021

A newly-excavated eatery in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii made headlines last week, but a new detail has now emerged: The presence of mocking graffiti about sex between men.

COVID Vaccines Appear Safe and Effective, but Key Questions Remain

By Bernard J. Wolfson | Dec 26, 2020

Vaccine development in under a year, shattering all records, is a marvel of science. It's also a cause for concern for millions of Americans who fear the uncertainty of an unknown technology.

As Biden Gets Sworn In, White House Will Get Scrubbed Down

By Phil Galewitz | Dec 25, 2020

As Joe Biden lifts his right hand to take the oath of office at noon on Jan. 20 at the Capitol, a team of specially trained cleaners will be lifting their hands to disinfect the White House.

The Autopsy, a Fading Practice, Revealed Secrets of COVID-19

By Marion Renault | Dec 24, 2020

At hospital morgues, which have been steadily losing prominence and funding over several decades, pathologists were busily dissecting the disease's first victims — and finding some answers.

Are New Coronavirus Strains Cause For Concern?

By Marilynn Marchione | Dec 21, 2020

Experts say it's unclear if that's the case or whether the new coronavirus strains pose any concern for vaccines or cause more severe disease.

One Company's Quest for an Antibody Drug to Fight COVID-19

By Marilynn Marchione | Dec 21, 2020

The drugs, administered by IV, are being tested to prevent infection in people at high risk of it who can't yet get a vaccine, such as housemates of COVID-19 patients. They're also being tried as a treatment soon after infection to avoid serious illness.

Jupiter, Saturn Merging in Night Sky, Closest in Centuries

By Marcia Dunn | Dec 20, 2020

Jupiter and Saturn will merge in the night sky Monday, appearing closer to one another than they have since Galileo's time in the 17th century.

World's Space Achievements a Bright Spot in Stressful 2020

By Marcia Dunn | Dec 19, 2020

Astronauts blasted into orbit from the U.S. for the first time in nearly a decade, three countries sent spacecraft hurtling toward Mars, and robotic explorers grabbed rocks from the moon and gravel from an asteroid.

Moon Rocks in Hand, China Prepares for Future Moon Missions

By Sam McNeil | Dec 19, 2020

Following the successful return of moon rocks by its Chang'e 5 robotic probe, China is preparing for future missions that could set the stage for an eventual lunar base to host human explorers.

Window Opens for Virgin Galactic Test Flight From Spaceport

By Susan Montoya Bryan | Dec 11, 2020

The window opens Friday for Virgin Galactic's first rocket-powered test flight from Spaceport America in southern New Mexico as the company prepares for commercial flights next year. v

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