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KRAVE Massive, "World’s Largest Nightclub," Opens in Vegas

by Kenyth Mogan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jan 4, 2013

Las Vegas has always been a city that has welcomed the LGBT community. From the famous Fruit Loop to downtown's Drink and Drag bowling alley, there is no shortage of experiences to be had in Sin City. And this year, things are going to get massive. Billed as the world's largest gay nightclub, KRAVE Massive hopes to pull people away from the strip downtown to the revitalized Neonopolis.

"Fifth Street Gaming is very excited about KRAVE moving to Downtown Las Vegas and joining what is truly a downtown renaissance, said Fifth Street Gaming Vice President of Development Zachary Conine, who is working with KRAVE on promotion. "We have had preliminary discussions with KRAVE about our strategic partnership, including the creation of packages with lodging at the Downtown Grand, dining at one of the many venues on Downtown3rd and entertainment at KRAVE, the largest nightclub downtown."

At somewhere around 80,000 square feet, the club will not only have five separate dance floors (that will play techno, pop, country western, hip-ho, and Latin) it will also have a lesbians-only room. In addition, club owner Kelly Murphy has built two movie theaters featuring films from Guest House Films, and a comedy club called Tickled Pink, which features gay comedians or gay friendly comedians.

KRAVE also features a male revue show called "Boots & Boys." Glenn Packard has been tapped to choreograph the show. If that isn’t enough, the club also has a small retail store called "Stuff," with their own line of MASSIVE Underwear.

"It’s very theatrical in nature," said Murphy, "with lots of cool things going on all the time!"

While some may doubt that KRAVE Massive will succeed, Murphy has plenty going for him.

"Not only does the KRAVE brand already exist in Las Vegas," he told EDGE, "the city is the second most popular travel destination for gays in the US."

Throw in the fact that alcohol can be sold 24/7 and the rent for a club like KRAVE Massive is much more affordable in Vegas than say Los Angeles or New York, and Murphy could just be hitting the jackpot.

Plus, KRAVE Massive is also extremely close to some other very popular tourist destinations. There is the new Drink and Drag Bowling Alley and the legendary Freemont Street Experience, which is a five-block canopied area open only to pedestrian traffic. Within those five blocks are ten casinos, sixty restaurants and the world’s largest TV monitor.

When asked if he had any hesitations about moving the club downtown Murphy replied, "Not really; I mean I think there’s a bit of a disconnect with people on how downtown Vegas has improved over the years.

"It’s fast becoming trendy and cool and I believe that the gay community is starting to embrace it better. I think it’s a fantastic area to live, eat and party," said Murphy. He said he has also purchased four shuttles that will run back and forth between the strip and downtown, so that club goers don’t have to worry about driving or parking.

Because of the new location, there are hopes that more locals will visit the club.

"Locals prefer downtown to the strip because of the authenticity," Conine told EDGE. "KRAVE has long been an authentic alternative experience on the Strip with strong local support. The move downtown will make it even easier for locals to enjoy everything KRAVE has to offer."

The new KRAVE Massive kicked off its premier event on Friday, Dec. 28, and the four-day event continued into the New Year with Dave Audé, Starz Angels, Michale Graves and DJ Irene spinning music. There were also appearances by "RuPaul’s Drag Race" alum Sharon Needles, as well as singers Aubrey O’Day, Crystal Waters and Kimberly Cole.

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