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Fox News Viewers Flood Gay NYC Councilman's Voicemail with Hate Speech

Friday May 19, 2017

A gay New York City politician got a taste of "east-of-the-Hudson River" homophobia this week when his voicemail was deluged with hate messages following his appearance on Fox News on Tuesday.

New York City councilman Corey Johnson has never hidden being gay. And in his very gay district that includes Manhattan's West Village, Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen, it's never been a big deal to his constituents. And yet, rabid Donald Trump supporters were eager to latch onto Johnson's sexuality this week to blast him for proposing a plan that would force the president to release his tax returns or lose his contracts with the City of New York.

"Are you a transgender bitch?"
"You fucking faggot, no good motherfuckers out of New York."
"You fucking faggots!"
"Do you hold onto each other's dicks when you piss or what?"

These were but a few of the hate messages left on Johnson's voicemail.

What prompted the hatred was a bizarre segment on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show Tuesday night. On the segment, Carlson blasted Johnson for a bill the city councilman proposed requiring executives of organizations who are named in the entity to disclose their personal income taxes if they play $0 to the city. This criteria applies to Donald Trump, whose Trump Links Golf Course in Ferry Point is on public property in the Bronx.

During the segment, Carlson shifted the conversation from tax responsibility to the state of the public men's rooms in Pennsylvania Station.

"Have you been in Penn Station recently?" Carlson balked. "It's like a homeless shelter. It's disgusting."

Carlson erroneously asserted that Penn Station is Johnson's responsibility since it's in his district. Penn Station is managed by a public-private partnership with Amtrak. The city does not a jurisdiction over the transit hub.

But this fact didn't deter Carlson.

"Penn Station is yours? And you're worrying about Trump's tax returns? Are you joking? Have you been in the men's room there? Dead serious question: Have you been in the men's room in Penn Station?" Carlson ranted.

Johnson, a Democrat, retorted: "Unlike former Republican Senator Larry Craig, I avoid men's rooms."


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