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Pride Fort Lauderdale Welcomes Brian Justin Crum

By Scott Holland | Sunday Feb 26, 2017
More than 25,000 LGBTQ residents and allies are expected at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park on Sunday, February 26 from 12 noon to 8 p.m. at the 40th Annual Pride Fort Lauderdale celebration which will be held on the beach for the first time.

DJs We Love :: Joe Gauthreaux Will Have You Dancing at Pride Fort Lauderdale

By Scott Holland | Sunday Feb 26, 2017
As one of the most sought after DJs and Producers in the industry, Joe Gauthreaux has a resume full of club appearances and main events. His name is synonymous with having an amazing and unique musical experience.

Juicing: Five Facts You Need to Know

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Feb 26, 2017
Enter the popular craze known as juicing - a healthy, practical trend that can help you pack precious nutrients into your diet. Here's all you need to know.

World Class DJs Come to Miami Beach to Spin for Winter Party

By ian Maloney | Saturday Feb 25, 2017
Every year, the gay community in Miami says goodbye to days of no humidity and 70 degree temperatures with the weeklong Winter Party celebration.

5 Questions with Justin Bell, Justin Bell, Chair of Winter Party

By ian Maloney | Saturday Feb 25, 2017
Winter Party was founded in 1994, as a one-time party on the beach but over the past 23 years, the party has grown into a series of events that take place throughout Miami and Miami Beach.

What's HOT South Florida :: Feb. 23 - 26

By Scott Holland | Thursday Feb 23, 2017
We got some HOT Stuff, all y'all, including Kings... Queens... and In-Betweens... the movie! Check it out -- check it ALL out!

Bigger, Beefier Biceps

By Tom Bonanti | Monday Feb 20, 2017
For building biceps, the curl is just about the only exercise you can do, and it's all you really need for mounds of upper-arm power. Here's a routine that'll get those biceps bulging in 2017.

Queens We Love :: Dee Dee Van Carter

By Scot Holland | Sunday Feb 19, 2017
This week, Scott Holland talks with Dee Dee Van Carter.

Entertainment Lineup for Pride Fort Lauderdale Packed with Talent

By Ian Maloney | Sunday Feb 19, 2017
To celebrate the festival's big move from Holiday Park, organizers have planned an amazing line up of entertainment to pump up the crowd.

Celebrating Black History Month :: Tim'm T. West and Alvin Ailey

Saturday Feb 18, 2017
Tim'm T. West and Alvin Ailey are two 20th century LGBT Icons who have left an indelible mark on the world around them.

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