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Ga. House OKs Protection for Clergy to Refuse Gay Marriage

By Kathleen Foody | Feb 12
Georgia lawmakers on Thursday approved a bill explicitly stating that religious officials can refuse to perform gay marriages, their first significant action on a variety of proposals creating legal exemptions for same-sex marriage opponents.

Gay Imam Helps Young Muslims Balance Religion, Sexuality

By Nadine Achoui-Lesage and Greg Keller | Feb 11
Growing up in Algeria, Shaira had almost everything a young man could wish for. But he also had a big secret.

Pastor Protection Act Ready to go to Florida House Floor

Feb 5
The "pastor protection act" aimed at preventing lawsuits against churches or preachers for refusing to perform same-sex marriages is ready for a vote on the Florida House floor, where it's likely to pass.

Pastor Upset Over LGBT Super Heroes, Wants 'Rainbow Mafia to Leave Captain America Alone'

Feb 5
A pastor from Londonderry, New Hampshire, who is an editor at, recently wrote a column posted on arch conservative news outlet BarbWire, where he takes issue with the inclusion of LGBT characters in comic books.

Convicted Anti-Gay Mennonite Pastor Ordered to Prison

Feb 3
A Mennonite pastor convicted of helping a former Vermont woman flee the country rather than share custody of her child with her former same-sex partner has been ordered to prison.

Harlem Hate Pastor: 'The Homos Are Trying to Take Our Church'

Feb 2
According to "Harlem Hate Pastor" Rev. James Manning, "the sodomites are jumping up and down like a bunch of frogs on a hot tin roof. They are ecstatic!"

LGBT-Affirming Spiritual Org. Has Its Eyes on Buying Harlem Hate Church

Feb 1
Two worthy LGBT-focused organizations are proving that great minds do indeed think alike.

Phoenix City Council Wants Satanists Exorcised From Meeting

Jan 31
Members of the Phoenix City Council are seeking a new rule to stop a satanic group from delivering the opening prayer at an upcoming meeting.

Now Deeply 'Christian,' Cruz's Religion Once Wasn't So Obvious

By Will Weissert | Jan 31
Being a past charitable cheapskate provides a glimpse of who Cruz was before running for president, when he was known more as a fierce fiscal conservative than a devout Southern Baptist.

Harlem's Hate Pastor's Church May End Up Housing LGBT Youth

Jan 30
The bitter saga of the notoriously anti-gay church in Harlem, famous for its message of hate against the LGBT community, may have a happy ending after all.

1 thru 10 of 1101 Stories