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Boeing Boeing

by Matthew Martello
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jan 15, 2013
The cast of ’Boeing Boeing’ at the Las Vegas Little Theater
The cast of ’Boeing Boeing’ at the Las Vegas Little Theater  

It is always a treat when fast-paced farces are executed well. This is exactly what happened with LVLT's version of "Boeing Boeing." The pacing was quick, but never rushed. And the laughs were constant.

The story revolves around a businessman named Bernard, who happens to have three fiancées named Gloria, Gabriella, and Gretchen. All three women work for different airlines as flight attendants. They each have a rigid but varied schedule, which enables Bernard to keep his romances a secret from one another, at least for a while. Reluctant help comes in the form of Bernard's maid Berthe and his good friend Robert. Things get dicey for Bernard as schedules become rearranged.

Director Walter Niejadlik did well in casting the actors for each role. Chris Hermening (Bernard) excelled as the man who had to juggle the three fiancées. Even with the questionable dating practices, the audience was on his side as he attempted to get out of the scheduling mess.

One man, three fiancés and a whole lot of laughter is guaranteed at Las Vegas Little Theatre with their version of Mark Camoletti’s "Boeing Boeing."

Michael Drake (Robert) had many great comedic moments, both verbal and physical, right from his first entrance. Diana Osborn (Gloria), Susannah Smitherman (Gabriella) and Penni Paskett (Gretchen) each did an excellent job creating distinctive characters from varying backgrounds.

The Italian and German accents offered by Smitherman and Paskett were effective without being overbearing. Barbara King (Berthe) had many show-stealing moments as the maid. All in all, this is a strong ensemble cast that delivered a lot of laughs and a fantastic evening of theatre.

As I walked into the theatre, I was instantly impressed with the set design offered by Ron Lindblom. The upscale Paris apartment was eye appealing as well as functional with seven doors (which is typical for a door slamming farce, but usually a nightmare for set construction crews).

Credit also needs to be given to light designer Ginny Adams, who offered subtleties such as window detail when the actors looked towards the audience. Penni Paskett did an outstanding job with the costuming, especially with the accurate flight attendant uniforms from the various airlines.

From the actors to the technical crew, this group of volunteers should be proud of this comedic hit. The sold-out audience certainly appreciated their efforts on opening night.

"Boeing Boeing" runs through Jan. 27 at the Las Vegas Little Theatre, 3920 Schiff Drive in Las Vegas. For info or tickets, call 702-362-7996 or visit www.lvlt.org.


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