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The Other Felix

by Matthew Martello
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday May 2, 2013
The cast of ’The Other Felix’
The cast of ’The Other Felix’  (Source:Courtesy of LVLT)

"The Other Felix" is the winner of the 2013 New Works Competition for Las Vegas Little Theatre. The story is a modern noir following the exploits of Felix Bettleman, professional blackjack player, and Marlow Sharpe, a female gumshoe, as they attempt to track down and stop a doppelganger who is ruining Felix' (not-so) good name and credit rating. The investigation takes Felix and Marlowe to several different locations throughout the country. Like a classic film noir, the plot takes many twists and turns until it reaches a surprise ending.

Playwright Reina Hardy was certainly successful in creating an interesting storyline that challenges audience members to keep up. I was impressed that this was done by only involving two characters, rather than the multitudes that normally appear in a film noir. There were plenty of clever lines throughout the play and I personally enjoyed the style in which it was written.

Mario Mendez did well with his role as Felix Bettlemen/The Other Felix. I feel that the audience could certainly be sympathetic to his plight as he desperately tries to track down the identity thief. Ashley Patrice Bufkin was fun to watch onstage as Marlowe Sharpe/Lily Arkinder. The two had an interesting chemistry onstage which ultimately worked.

There were a lot of things going on technically that I appreciated as well. Sound Designer Rhona Shirley did an excellent job in helping create the moods with music during and in between scenes. Set Designer (and Director) T.J. Larsen did well in creating several different locales in such a small space as the black box at Las Vegas Little Theatre.

Playwright Reina Hardy was certainly successful in creating an interesting storyline that challenges audience members to keep up.

Lighting designer Kendra Harris also succeeded in creating appropriate moods for the various scenes throughout the play. Kate Ghidossi and David McKee served as an efficient running crew, swiftly changing the scenes during the show. Costume Coordinator Gayland Seaberry also excelled in helping create the attitude and look needed onstage.

"The Other Felix" is intended for adults, due to mature language throughout the play. It is enjoyable for audience members that want to be challenged by convoluted storylines and interesting characters. For me as a playwright, it is always fun to experience new works. I applaud Las Vegas Little Theatre and their continued commitment for making the New Works Competition a success every year.

"The Other Felix" runs through May 12 at Las Vegas Little Theatre, 3920 Schiff Drive, Las Vegas. For tickets or information, call 702-362-7996 or visit www.lvlt.org.


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