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Review :: Among The Living

By Jonathan Leaf | Oct 24
Rabb has seemed for some time to be on the cusp of recognition as one of the country's best novelists. This latest tale arrives with a series of encomia from famous contemporaries

Review :: Tomboy Survival Guide

By Kitty Drexel | Oct 12
Coyote is very clear: the Tomboy aesthetic is an attitude and lifestyle. It is not a look or singular behavior.

Review :: Slim Aarons: Women

By Bill Biss | Oct 5
The lifestyles of the rich, renowned and famous from the decades of the 1950s through the 1980s and most importantly, the women who Slim Aarons photographed are captured here.

Review :: Clyde Fitch and the American Theater

By Michael Cox | Sep 21
This biography meticulously details the life and works of a prolific dramatist whose name and plays are not currently known but who was the first American to be taken seriously as a playwright.

Review :: My Son Wears Heels: One Mom's Journey from Clueless to Kickass

By Noe Kamelamela | Sep 21
In "My Son Wears Heels," Julie Tarney recounts her efforts to raise her son to be thoughtful and fierce in a sometimes unwelcoming world.

Review :: Christodora

By Steve Weinstein | Sep 13
Gentrifying fauxhemians intersect with AIDS in 1980s New York's East Village in this ambitious novel.

Review :: You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams

By Christopher Verleger | Sep 13
Stage, television and film star Alan Cumming shares profound memories of his career, romantic life, family and friends in this photographic memoir.

Review :: Play All: A Bingewatcher's Notebook

By Noe Kamelamela | Sep 9
In "Play All: A Bingewatcher's Notebook," Clive James critiques the modern Western canon of cable and network TV series he has managed to watch episode-by-episode in the past few years.

Review :: The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo

By Kitty Drexel | Sep 5
"The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo" is not an autobiography. It is a catalogue of nonlinear stories from Amy Schumer's life.

Review :: Elizabeth And Michael - The Queen Of Hollywood And The King Of Pop

By Bill Biss | Sep 2
Donald Bogle's empathy and diligence for these two legends reads very well and true. His perspective is clear-cut, polished and sparkles with a shine that beautifully captures the light, spirit, work and complexity of the two.

13 thru 22 of 2523 Stories