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Review :: Best Lesbian Erotica - 20th Anniversary Edition

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 25
Cleis Press releases another in their annual series of "Best Lesbian Erotica" anthologies, and this collection of well-written, steamy tales will get your blood pumping!

Review :: I Met Someone

By Bill Biss | Mar 25
The mechanisms of stardom and trying to discover a personal and true "being" are exposed in a persistent and transcending degree. Whether it is the cost of fame, the spiritual search within or the fundamental trappings of such aspirations.

Review :: The South Side

By Carla K. Johnson | Mar 22
Natalie Y. Moore takes on the task of examining segregation through the lens of her hometown's shameful record and her vibrant personal story.

Review :: The Caped Crusade: Batman And The Rise Of Nerd Culture

By JC Alvarez | Mar 21
Just in time for the big screen rivalry we've all been waiting for, Glen Weldon takes an in-depth exploration of one of pop-culture's biggest icons in his book "The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture."

Review :: Stand By Me: The Forgotten History Of Gay Liberation

By Logan Quigley | Mar 11
"Stand By Me" walks a fine line in challenging the traditional narrative of gay liberation but does it deftly, acknowledging the truth in the traditional narrative while simultaneously reminding readers that the truth is deeper than it seems.

Review :: Elizabeth Taylor: A Private Life for Public Consumption

By Bill Biss | Mar 11
This endless fascination with Elizabeth Taylor and how she broke open "Pandora's box" as to how celebrity is viewed today, is a complex, mindful and well-researched effort by Ellis Cashmore.

Review :: Boystown 8: The Lies That Bind

Mar 9
These mystery stories are well written and great fun to read, but they also preserve a crucial piece of GLBT history. What's more, they are a depiction of gay community in all its complexity, sort of a "Queer As Folk" with an ankle holster.

Review :: All the Birds in the Sky

By Jim Piechota | Mar 6
The speculative fiction genre of books received a welcome reinvigoration with last month's publication of San Francisco-based genderqueer and trans woman writer Charlie Jane Anders' debut science fiction novel

Review :: Saving Alex

By Noe Kamelamela | Mar 1
Everything about "Saving Alex" is a trigger warning for me.

Review :: Raising Ryland: Our Story of Parenting a Transgender Child with No Strings Attached

By Noe Kamelamela | Feb 24
The narrative is really written for people who don't understand gender as a spectrum, and believe that biological sex determines gender.

13 thru 22 of 2477 Stories