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Review :: Love Wins

By Noe Kamelamela | Jun 20
"Love Wins" is a record of important events related to marriage equality in the United States of America ultimately leading to the landmark decision by the Supreme Court in 2015.

Review :: Homo Superiors

By Christopher Verleger | Jun 13
Highly intelligent Noah and Ray are quintessential "frenemies" in this gripping modern day retelling of Leopold and Loeb.

Review :: You Know Me Well

By Christopher Verleger | Jun 13
Two classmates become fast friends and experience a night to remember during San Francisco Pride in this delightful coming-of-age novel.

Review :: Lily And The Octopus

By Kitty Drexel | Jun 7
Ted is a single, gay man attempting to make a life for himself as a writer in Los Angeles. He's not doing terribly. That is, until he discovers and octopus taking up residency on his dachshund's forehead.

Review :: Manhattan Night

By Michael Cox | Jun 6
This re-release of the 1996 novel "Manhattan Nocturne" by Colin Harrison, is a classic noir, complete with a brooding writer (on a mission to solve a mysterious crime), a corrupt tycoon, a self-indulgent artist, a devoted wife and a blond femme fatale.

Review :: Forty Wild Crushes

By Christopher Verleger | Jun 1
Boys and men cope with family, relationships and life's challenges in this provocative short story collection.

Review :: Marlene

By Kilian Melloy | May 25
This novel traces the contours of Marlene Dietrich's gorgeous mask, though without getting beneath that mask as deeply or as often as we might wish. Still, the elegant writing makes up for any faults: Film buffs and Dietrich fans will devour this book.

Review :: Are You Here For What I'm Here For?

By Noe Kamelamela | May 20
Brian Booker's first short fiction collection is filled with tension.

Review :: Some Go Hungry

By Christopher Verleger | May 17
A gay man returns home to rural Indiana and becomes reacquainted with fear, bigotry and homophobia in J. Patrick Redmond's compelling debut novel.

Review :: Boy Erased

By Noe Kamelamela | May 11
In "Boy Erased," a gay man recounts his experiences in an ex-gay program as an unhappy and painful time of crisis.

13 thru 22 of 2502 Stories