Joan Rivers - Don’t Start With Me

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Jan 16, 2013
Joan Rivers - Don’t Start With Me

The true genius of Joan Rivers cannot be captured by "Fashion Police" or "Celebrity Apprentice." It must be seen to be believed. "Don't Start With Me" showcases how the comedian is going nowhere fast. She's livelier than ever with physical comedy and witty banter that challenges everyone in Hollywood.

Joan Rivers is 79-years young as she bounces up and down the Chicago stage of her latest standup special. She takes on everyone from old people to the handicapped, from Anne Frank to Angelina Jolie. She pulls no punches and manages to rival Lisa Lampinelli as the Queen of Mean.

Rivers' sense of humor is bawdy and offensive but she does so with panache. It's insane to see such a seasoned celebrity make dick jokes and fall to the floor and mime sex. Her jokes are timely, topical and insanely well written. A running gag of her special is prefacing all the things she must deal with before she can begin. She plays with the idea of being scatterbrained by telling joke after joke and leaving the audience continuously laughing.

It’s insane to see such a seasoned celebrity make dick jokes and fall to the floor and mime sex.

Sadly, there aren't many moments with Rivers behind the scenes. There are also no special features on the DVD. If you want to see more of Rivers' comedy you'd have to check out the documentary "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work."

"Joan Rivers: Don't Start With Me" is a sign that, despite her advanced age, Joan Rivers cannot be stopped. She may be a television host, actor, entrepreneur and grandmother but above all she is a hilarious comedian with the skills to match.

"Joan Rivers: Don't Start With Me"

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