Silent Hill: Revelation

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Feb 12, 2013
Silent Hill: Revelation

The veil protecting our world from the other dimensional hell of Silent Hill is becoming dangerously thin, and the evil inside knows it. And it wants out! In "Silent Hill: Revelation" Heather (Adelaide Clemens) is on the run protected by her father (played by Sean Bean) but the truth is catching up with her. Heather (whose real name is Sharon) is starting to have visions. She's seeing things -- horrible things -- that are coming for her.

Years ago her mother Rose sacrificed herself to keep her safe from the horrors of Silent Hill and doomed and damned dimension ruled by mystical forces. When her father goes missing, Heather has no choice but to return to the one place she was feared the most and learn the truth of her connection to the night terrors plaguing her dreams.

In "Silent Hill: Revelation" all is answered...except your prayers that this film will be anything but a bloody mess. The ruthlessly horrific gore fest plays out to predictable expectations and impressively gruesome prosthetics and CGI effects aren't enough to fill out a thin script full of cliches.

Even the erstwhile cameos by a notable cast including Malcolm McDowell, a barely recognizable Carrie-Anne Moss and "Game of Thrones'" Kit Harington couldn't make this return to Silent Hill any more engaging than the video game is based on. Unfortunately there's no bonus round at the end of this fear feast and even the scares become stale by comparison.

Return to "Silent Hill: Revelation" at your own risk -- you might not be able to get out!

"Silent Hill Revelation"
Available on Blu-ray and DVD

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