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What Makes Us Happy and Healthy?

May 28
If you were going to invest now in your future self, what would you focus on? One of the world's longest running health studies sought to find the answer.

Lesbian Ex-SF Cop Claims Retaliation by Former Chief

By Seth Hemmelgarn | May 28
A former San Francisco police officer has filed a claim against the city, saying recently departed Police Chief Greg Suhr forced her to retire after she went public with allegations that another officer had embezzled money.

Exploring Issues Trans People Face in the Workplace

By Jill Gleeson | May 28
While finding even entry-level employment is difficult for transgender individuals, keeping it can be just as challenging. Whether workers have transitioned or are transitioning on the job, they can be subject to intense discrimination and harassment.

4 Tips for Conscious Living Through Interior Design

By Jill Gleeson | May 28
Interior designer Deeia Topp offers insightful tips for a purposeful approach to your personal space.

Lowrider Car Culture Takes Summer Spotlight in New Mexico

By Susan Montoya Bryan | May 28
Those classic cars called lowriders are the focus of a summer celebration in Santa Fe. The spotlight on lowrider culture includes exhibitions at the New Mexico History Museum and the New Mexico Museum of Art.

Caught in the Web: Streaming LGBT Series

By Tim Parks | May 28
To some, the siren call of one's air conditioning kicking into high gear is a more soothing refrain than the ocean's majestic roar. And if you go online you'll find new "TV" shows await... many with LGBT themes!

Left Side of the Road Trip, Part I

By Matthew Wexler | May 28
A reunion kicks into high gear when old friends tackle new adventures throughout South West England.

Rufus! Rufus! Rufus!

By Brian Scott Lipton | May 28
The word artist gets tossed around with alarming frequency within the celebrity world, but it's unquestionably an accurate moniker for Rufus Wainwright.

Alabama Supreme Court Annuls Its Ruling on Lesbian Adoption

May 27
The Alabama Supreme Court has voided its earlier decision not to recognize a lesbian couple's adoption that was carried out in another state.

Judge Orders Johnny Depp to Stay Away From Estranged Wife

By Anthony McCartney | May 27
A judge ordered Johnny Depp to stay away from his estranged wife after she accused the Oscar-nominated actor of repeatedly hitting her during a recent fight and leaving her face bruised.

21 thru 30 of 78943 Stories