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Watch: Victim of Brutal Beating in Miami Seeks to Have Suspect Charged with Hate Crime

Friday Apr 21, 2017

The victim of a brutal beating in Miami is insisting that Florida's attorney general's office add charges related to a hate crime to his alleged assailant who is in custody, Miami's Local 10 News reports.

Eric Pinkney, 44, was arrested by police Wednesday night and charged with aggravated battery for beating Raul Marti at a bus stop. Marti believes he was targeted.

According to Marti, Pinkney approached him at the bus stop while he was having a coughing fit. Marti, who is recovering from throat cancer, was asked by Pinkney why he was coughing so much. Things turned ugly when Marti said he was fine and asked Pinkney to leave him alone.

"That's the problem with you faggots. You're all sick," Marti claims Pinkney told him.

When Marti asked Pinkney again to leave him alone, Pinkney's tone turned even more violent.

"That's right you little fucking faggot, keep on begging me. I like when faggots beg me," Pinkney said according to Marti's account.

The physical violence started when Marti reached for his phone to call police.

"He hit me, and then he hit me one more time, and then I fell to the ground," Marti told Local 10 News.

Passersby intervened and scared Pinkney off, but police quickly apprehend him. Although he is not charged with a hate crime, Marti is working with the state attorney general's office to change that.

"I'm a human being, not a piece of garbage, and nobody has the right to put their hands on me or hurt me that way, no matter what I am," Marti told Local 10 News.


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