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Watch: Ariana Grande's Big Brother from 'Big Brother' Goes Glam with 'Queen'

Friday May 19, 2017

Following in the footsteps of Dannii Minogue, Jamie Lynn Spears, and numerous Jackson and Jonas siblings, Frankie Grande, gay big brother to musical sensation Ariana Grande, is getting into the pop business. A video for Grande's debut single "Queen" was released Thursday.

Embracing his sexuality, Grande is making his latest foray into pop with a glam rock-inspired track and make up right out of the David Bowie "Fame"-era playbook.

"It's kind of the story of seeing glam rock icons when I was younger -- trying to emulate those people, then kind of seeing them go away, and then rediscovering that just because you don't see them anymore doesn't mean that they're not with me," Grande told Billboard of his appropriately titled track and video, "Queen."

"It kind of became a metaphor for my own life. You can see things growing up, be inspired by things," he said. "Just because they're not around anymore doesn't mean that you can't take those inspirations and bring them to life, and bring them to the next generation."

Grande, 34, is no stranger to the cameras. In 2014, he entered the living rooms of millions as a cast member on the 16th season of the reality series "Big Brother." He also appeared on the U.K.'s "Celebrity Big Brother 18." Grande also has appeared on Broadway, most notably, and unsurprisingly, "Rock of Ages" from 2014-2015. He was also in "Mama Mia!" from 2007-2010.


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