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Robin Trower at Boulder Station

by Matthew Martello
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday May 16, 2017
Robin Trower at Boulder Station

Legendary guitarist Robin Trower is back on the road, entertaining those music fans in the know who have appreciated him for decades.

At 72, some might consider this a victory lap of sorts for Trower, playing the classic songs that audiences long to hear. However, with the new album "Time and Emotion" just released on May 5, it is clear that he is not content with just playing the standards. Sure, there were plenty of familiar songs for the nearly sold-out audience to enjoy on Saturday evening. But the crowd took note of his new material, as evidenced by the countless ovations following each song.

As for Trower himself, he still looks great onstage, certainly younger looking than what his 72 years indicate. Sticking with the formula that's worked for him all these years, he showed up with his traditional power trio set up. It seemed as if the guitar amplifier was just a touch louder than the bass and drums, to accentuate his signature sound coming from his Fender Stratocaster, which was certainly fine by me. His vocals were just as strong as ever, complimenting his stellar guitar work.

He began the set with one of his classics "Too Rolling Stoned," to the delight of his hardcore fans. Other highlights include "See My Life," "Day Of The Eagle," "Where Are You Going To?" and "Little Bit Of Sympathy." The fans had to wait a bit, but he also played his signature song "Bridge Of Sighs" from the classic album of the same name.

Quite remarkably, this track sounded exactly as if the needle was placed on the original record. There was little to no banter in between the songs from Trower. Instead, he was all business, delivering the wonderful blues and rock riffs for which he's known. Two encore songs, "Rise Up Like The Sun" and "Far Earth Below," rounded out a tight, 90-minute set from the veteran guitarist.

For many of the guitarists I have seen throughout the years, it's typical that they would change guitars several times during the shows. Not true with Trower, sticking with his Stratocaster and Hendrix-influenced wah pedals for the entire concert. The audience couldn't get enough, offering enthusiastic standing ovations to the very end.

While there wasn't a lot of interaction between Trower and the crowd, it is still evident that he was appreciative of the reactions and comfortable with who he is and what he's accomplished in his remarkable career. The audience on Saturday night were the beneficiaries of his success to be sure.

Robin Trower performed at Railhead in the Boulder Station Casino, 4111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89121. For information on Robin Trower, visit www.trowerpower.com. For information on upcoming shows at Boulder Station, visit www.boulderstation.sclv.com.


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