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Susan Surftone is 'Making Waves Again' With New EP

Tuesday Apr 18, 2017

Former FBI agent turned surf guitarists/singer/songwriter, Susan Surftone is releasing her brand new EP "Making Waves Again" on April 18.

"Making Waves Again in a way created itself," said Surftone. "I worked on the tracks two at a time with Brent Rogers at Rex Studios in Portland. Brian Foxworth played drums, and I played guitar, bass and did the vocals. Before I knew it, I had an EP.

"Making Waves Again" is a grab bag of styles: surf, blues, Elvis, classic rock, '60s and a very upbeat version of an old standard. The EP contains seven songs -- two instrumental ones ('Mint471' & 'Blue Guitar').

The talented artist had a lot of fun going in all these different directions yet recording a cohesive collection of songs. Dropping April 18 "Making Waves" will be available via CD Baby.

Surftone is a fascinating woman who has continuously been breaking barriers.

The New York native has a lot to say and is never afraid to say it. She lives out loud -- whether it be through her songs, or her burgeoning writing career focusing on politics and the LGBT community.

Now the sixty-something-year-old artist is keeping a busy schedule with her upcoming EP, an anticipated bi-coastal tour and more than a few op-eds about the current political landscape (published in HuffPost, The Advocate, and Curve) that have gone viral.

In fact, one of her latest HuffPost articles garnered over 8.1K likes: "Cold War for a Warming Planet."

There's probably not a single person who wouldn't be inspired by the story of Susan Surftone.

From her FBI years to the time she spent as an attorney for the NYPD assigned to the Tactical Narcotics Team working in Harlem, and her prolific career as a surf guitarist, the out artist surely spent her lifetime working with the good old boys!

She went from a career working in a government agency that is reputed to be very macho, to another profession known to be heavily male-dominated, namely "surf" music as a guitarist. Yet while the gender ratio wasn't in her favor, she thrived in both fields.

Susan and the Surftones went on to record more than 10 albums, became breakout stars in Europe and even had a couple of their songs featured on a season of "The Real World." After nearly six decades of experience playing guitar, performing, and recording albums, SurfTone picked up a mic for the first time, recording the vocals for her CD, "The Magician," which came out last summer.

Starting to sing professionally in her sixties meant taking risks, but Surftone is used to those -- this is why she has become an inspirational trailblazing voice in her community.

Track list:
1) Bottom Of My Glass
2) Temptation
3) Mint471
4) A Mess of Blues
5) Blue Guitar
6) Up Down And All Around
7) Up Down And All Around (alternate version)

For more information, visit www.SusanSurftone.com


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