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It Allegedly Didn’t ’Get Better’ for One Gay Man

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Dec 31, 2012

A man apparently in his 30s uploaded a bizarre video to YouTube and puts his own spin on the popular "It Gets Better" campaign. The video clip, which many may see as resembling a middle school 8-minute Power Point presentation than a video an adult puts up on YouTube, outlines how growing up gay is actually worse and things don't get better.

The man's identity has not been identified but he posted the video, entitled "It Got Worse: Growing up Gay & Now over 30 (AUTHOR IS DEAD - DO NOT 'REPLY' TO HIM)," under the YouTube handle "ItGotWorse100," and claims the original author of this "study" committed suicide.

"THE AUTHOR OF THIS VIDEO COMMITTED SUICIDE due to a VARIETY of reasons," he writes in the YouTube's description. "This video represents his views on the gay community. It was one of the last things he did in the remaining months he was alive and extremely depressed - so I won't delete it (yet). After 10 years of anti-depressants, he gave up, but it was far more complex than anything you will see in this video. He wrote (in the description) that he made this to connect to other people who felt the same way because he was sick of hearing how 'great' life supposedly got for everyone else...when his life only seemed to decline."

The video, which is set to music that's more dramatic than the music that amplifies the emotions on daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives," is basically a slideshow of text that criticizes the "It Gets Better" campaign.

"I think this campaign has gone on long enough, and it possibly helped some teenagers but ironically, it hurt others," the text reads. "Specifically, unhappy single gay men having to listen to you all cheer about your great lives and boyfriend, are getting sick of it."

The anonymous author suggests if you are being bullied, you should just move away, although he doesn't guarantee this will work. He adds that things only get better "if you are good looking," and that "the gay community is comprised of very superficial people. So, enjoy your looks if (and while) you have them. And never-ever-get fat." He goes on to site articles proving that gay men only care about looks.

He continues to explain in the same method how a number of issues, including masculinity, penis size, drug use, race, HIV, education, age work, dating and so others, make gay men's lives worse.

’My friends and I are all in our early 30s, and the ones who are single all say the same thing - WTF happened?’

"My friends and I are all in our early 30s, and the ones who are single all say the same thing - WTF happened? We all live in major cities - the issue isn't the number of people - it's what they want," the video clip reads. "Get a long term boyfriend by 35 or live with cats. Of course there are exceptions but I am writing about general patterns."

Several YouTube users had strong reactions to the clip, which as of this writing has nearly 2,000 views.

"and if you're so adamant it gets worse, why dont you take a long walk off a short pier; it would certainly end your little pity party for one. let the children out there have some god damn hope. it's not all about you," user SnorkFlirt wrote. "If you want a muscle boy , a jock, or a tight bodied 20 something, and are tired of waiting for that rare one to like a chubby guy,_ then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT," TomsFriendKake, wrote. "But you, like most fat people I meet, don't like sweating, working hard, and having to eat vegetables without ranch dip. Hey, here is an idea, MAN THE HELL UP, Get your FAT ASS moving, and FIND SOME SELF CONTROL. (Pt. 9)"

Some of the comments came from Twitter, including one from Peter LaBarbera, the president of the anti-gay organization, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

"He comes off as whiny & insecure. It's called LIFE. Grow up & deal with it like the rest if us gay men do," he tweeted. The AFTAH also reported the story unsurprisingly put their own backwards spin.

"Few could doubt that LGBT advocates - desperate to rationalize their own (or a friend's or relative's) homosexuality, tend to downplay its many negatives. And of course the media and Hollywood - pressured by GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) - glamorize homosexuality. Think of this presentation as a lone, politically incorrect - and well documented - counterpoint to all the "gay"-affirming buzz. Following the video is research provided by the author to back up his claims," he wrote.

Watch the video below:


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