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Carrier Deal Will Impact How Businesses Work With the Government

Dec 5
President-elect Donald Trump's deal to keep hundreds of jobs at a Carrier factory from leaving the U.S. is being criticized for giving the company $7 million in tax incentives.

Denmark Files Charges Against Uber Over 'Illegal' Business

Dec 5
Danish prosecutors have filed charges against Uber's European regional hub in the Netherlands with "helping to commit illegalities."

Lawsuits Seek to Block or Halt Wisconsin, Michigan Recounts

By David Eggert and Scott Bauer | Dec 4
Supporters of Republican Donald Trump filed a federal lawsuit trying to halt Wisconsin's ongoing presidential recount, and Michigan's attorney general on Friday sued to stop a recount from happening in his state.

Senate GOP Shies from Fight Over Medicare

By Andrew Taylor | Dec 4
Congressional Democrats are warning that Speaker Paul Ryan and President-elect Donald Trump are gunning for Medicare - and they are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of an epic political battle.

Tempers Flare As Campaign Aides Assess Still-Raw 2016 Race

By Lisa Lerer | Dec 4
Tempers flared and political fault-lines were inflamed, as aides to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton gathered for their first meeting since Election Day.

Death Threats and Abuse for Woman Leading Brexit Court Fight

By Danica Kirka | Dec 3
The financial entrepreneur says she has received death threats and racial and sexual abuse since she won a High Court ruling forcing the British government to seek Parliamentary approval before leaving the European Union.

Will the New Trump Administration Wage War on Marijuana?

Dec 3
Twenty-eight states have now legalized either medical or recreational marijuana. But Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump's nominee to run the Justice Department, is staunchly opposed to marijuana legalization.

Some Voters, Stung by Election Result, Stirred to New Action

By Matt Sedensky | Dec 2
Three weeks out from a presidential election result that left them deeply dejected, many liberals now say they've been roused to action in new ways, from making donations and volunteering to considering political runs themselves.

Farage Interview: Far-Right Win in France Would Doom EU

By Gregory Katz | Dec 1
Nigel Farage is reveling in his successful campaign to take Britain out of the European Union, buddying up to Donald Trump and predicting the fire he helped kindle may soon spread to France and finally torch the European integration project.

UK Bill Requiring Firms to Store Web Histories Becomes Law

By Jill Lawless | Nov 30
A contentious internet surveillance bill that creates databases of Britons' online activity has become law - though the government says come of its provisions still need "extensive testing" before taking effect.

1 thru 10 of 1061 Stories